Small Post “Wold Of gamer’s”

People think down on Gamer’s how we waste are life’s and how we are never going to be any thining but all i can say to that is No world of gamer is great Going from f1 driver to survivor of the Dayz to man of the shadow assassin to pilot to trust driver so there no need to think down on gamer they have great life Ever




First Post “Bit About Me”

Hey I am From united kingdom You know this “little” Place next to France. i am 19 Male and this is my blog were talk about stuff any thing from world news or just random crap am not really good talking about my self so keep with me

i have dyslexia And Mental Health Issues but Dont let them stop me i keep going and that what we all should do

look at me know i am righting to you as hard as it seems i still going to try that is what so great about the web

the fact that you could be any one who ever you wanted to be i could superman all you know. No i am not far from it

but you get idea never let any one put you down 67% of people who are being put down will grow up and put other’s down

so don’t spread the pain. there enough pain on this rock off ares but i wont go in too that

I don’t believe in god  but nor i am i atheist why put name on it why do us humans put names on any thing we do not under stand really i a more of big bang i am sort of a nerd in way i like to program and play video games and watch sort nerdy stuff i am like big kid in side the Big world too scary now of day’s not to be